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Transform Your School Administration With This Powerful App

GDS Mobile Advantage can be accessed from any device anywhere and provides your school or school system with the digital resources it needs to stay organized and up-to-date with social media, the local community and curious stakeholders.

GDS Mobile Advantage is an intelligent, simple-to-use mobile school application that does so much more than keep you directly connected to trending social media and stakeholder interests. It’s a cloud-based and comprehensive school app that functions as an organizational network for all inbound and outbound communication. This means that calls, emails, tweets and messages are assigned and directed to a suitable school administrator and customized for priority. With GDS Mobile Advantage, you’ll never have to worry about disorganized issues and a mismanagement crisis again.

To offer even more administrative leverage over information, GDS Mobile Advantage provides a real-time data interface that can be assigned to specific schools and departments and displays current trends such as important topics, amount of feedback submitted, response times and priority alerts. This feature emphasizes and addresses stakeholder concerns and allows your administration to act on critical issues and reassure students, parents and the community of trust, excellence and security.