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    Basic Startup Business App

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    The business Start-Up plan is an affordable mobile app plan for small start-up businesses, churches or small schools (up to 300 students) who want to grow their markets with a mobile advantage. The Business Start-Up package will assist you to increase your brand awareness, market to your clients, and increase your network of customers. You will set yourself apart from the competition when you open and share your mobile app with the world. This mobile business plan is perfect for small to mid-size business professionals, and entrepreneurs, with a set budget allowance for digital mobile marketing. A detail list of these features is below.

    $799.00 $639.00
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    Business Professional App

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    The Business Professional plan is the supreme mobile solution for your business and/or organizational needs. The Business Professional mobile app plan will give you an advance mobile advantage. You will be able to increase your business offering by engaging and interacting with your audience. The best features for The Business Professional plan will include all of the features of the Business Start-up Plan in addition to coupons, customized forms, push notifications, full social media features and so more.

    $2,200.00 $1,440.00
  • School District App

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    The School Districts Plan is perfect for a growing school district with up to 10 plus schools.  Our apps offer excellent value and a wide range of features that will allow district’s schools to focus on increasing relationships with parents, students, other family members, businesses and community organizations. Schools can use our apps to promote extraordinary events. It can support programs to increase students, family and community school participation. We will meet with you to negotiate a price.